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MASCULINE EMBODIMENT is a workshop about embodying, expressing and exploring the masculine aspect, with the goal of growing into a more happy, strong, healthy and fulfilled man.


The workshop is made for you to mould a strong, happy and healthy masculine core, through physical and mental exercises and through understanding the role that the masculine plays in nature and in life.

Through physical movement, relaxation,  meditation, contemplation, sharing and receiving information, we can reveal belief systems about who we are, what we think we should - or should not - do, what is difficult and easy, what is right and wrong and see what aspects of us seperates us from a happy and healthy life as a man, and what apects of us is healthy and promotes happiness and harmony.

The man has played different roles in society through different times in history. Today a lot of men are lost in trying to understand how to be in this world. The masculine has dominated western society for a long time, but now the feminine aspect of life is blossoming, and the role of man is changing as it is adapting to the changing times. A lot of the identity of man is attched to his role in society and in the world. These roles changes through time, but with understanding the main principles of how to live in harmony with our surroundings, regardless of how they change, we can learn to flow through life instead of stumbling. To go with and into what is, instead of flinching, doubting or being insecure. These principles involves all parts of the masculine - the body, the mind and heart. 


In this workshop you will learn about these principles, how to approach life in a way that is conducive to a happy, strong and relaxed way of living. It is a practice that slowly but surely evolves you into becoming a man who can hold the experience of life effortlessly and joyfully. Who can be a source of honesty, happiness and support to his environment.

Only when the front of your body is relaxed and opened, your breath full and deep, and your gaze unguarded and directly connected with another person’s eyes, can your fullest intelligence manifest spontaneously in the situation.
— David Deida
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Axel Haugland had his life turn upside down in his youth through a bizarre experience that severely injured him, forcing him to spend several months in a wheelchair. In his quest to get back on his feet it was inevitable that he engaged in-depth bodywork. In his mid-twenties he met a influential yoga teacher who inspired him to begin studying yoga. Soon he became a teacher himself.

Axel is a well known personal trainer and certified yoga & foundation trainer, and is now a resident teacher at the exclusive health center No.5, at Vinderen in Oslo. Throughout his life, he has studied many different paths with the intention of carving himself out with an intention of being a Son, Brother, Father, Husband, a fulfilled Man in this wild wondrous world.

He lives with his family at Nesodden and teaches mainly in Oslo.


Indigo Yubari works as an embodiment coach, strength and conditioning coach and a nutritionist. He holds training and detox retreats, workshops and classes in Scandinavia, with his base being Oslo. He helps people who want to attain a healthy lifestyle using everything from strength training and yoga, to other exercises that will challenge your neurological pathways, your intellect and your emotions. He has vast knowledge in using optimal nutrition and other biohack's to tune the human system towards everyday well-being and peak performance states.

He recognizes that masculinity is a force that needs to be explored through the body as well as the mind. This has lead him on a search to discover how to use this force in his everyday life, with integrity and awareness so that this energy does manifest in such a way that it is a “building” force rather than a “destructive” one - which it easily can be, and often is. So in other words: he is just a dude like you, surfing into the sunset, trying his best not to fall off the ride of his life.


Christian Andvig went through some existential challenges in 2012. For a long time he had been interested in finding the meaning of life - but talk had to turn to action. After weeks of severe depression he decided to try yoga. He found a teacher who showed him the ins and outs of the practice and philosophy, which was the beginning of his journey back to confidence and fulfillment. He has since studied and practiced through many different spiritual traditions and schools, and is now holding teacher trainings for yoga teachers all over Scandinavia.

He is based in Oslo where he lives with his fiancee, and is one of the main teachers at HiYoga. Embodying his role as a fulfilled Man in today's society, and in relation to his family and friends, is his daily practice.



Cama Yoga is situated at Vinderen in Oslo.

Address: Slemdalsveien 63b, 0373 Oslo

Price: 850,- NOK

Time: Friday 26.10 kl. 17:30 - 21:00 (3.5 hrs)

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